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Abbi Brown Art

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Abbi Brown was born and brought up in the South West of England where he also attended at college. Brown has more than twenty years of experience producing designs and illustrations for a number of leading publishers and manufacturers within the giftware industry, across the United States of America, Europe and United Kingdom. In the past he had worked under the name of Abbi Brown and well as under his own name Jan Pashley. His Abbi Brown works have been characterized by cuter, softer style of illustration, enabling him to develop an alternative, distinct look from him Jan Pashley designs. The images that can be seen on his website gallery include those of Abbi Brown designs. Although Brown continued to produce illustrations in the Abbi Brown style, in 2010 onwards he decided to use the name Jan Pashley for all his new works. Previously, he was represented by Libba Jones Associates, but from 2010 he made the decision to represent himself. His new website is a new and exciting venture for him, enabling publishers to view a wide range of his artwork easily, and to contact him directly to discuss licensing and commissions. He produces high quality art in the form of ready to hang framed Abbi Brown art and in a variety of other finishing options to satisfy all his clients. Brown also varies his subject matter to increase the collectability of his art. He has managed to earn a lot of respect among his peers and is currently mentoring many upcoming artists.
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