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John Appleton Brown Art

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John Appleton Brown (Born 1844) studied under Porter C. Benjamin in Boston, and afterward in Paris under Lambinet Emile. In 1891 he decided to establish his own studio in NYC and a year later he was admitted as a member of the Society of American Artists. In 1896, he was elected to the National Academy. His last picture, "The Grain Field" was exhibited at the Society in 1902. This picture was a classic example of his delicate personal handling of color. He was an impressionist painter in pastels and oils of landscapes and seascapes. Other notable works by Brown are "On the Merrimac at Newburyport" and "Old Road near Paris." His summer and spring pictures, in bright soft colors, are known for their fine poetic feeling. Brown was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts. At the age of 21, he left his birthplace and went to Boston, and just after one year, he traveled to Europe where he began his artistic training with oils in Paris. Brown returned to Boston In 1868, and in 1864 he married Agnes Bartlett, a landscape painter. Ten years later, the couple returned to France and painted at Corot's home. Brown had strong affinity for blossoming apple orchards and spring scenes so he was nicknamed "apple-blossom Brown." In 1875, he returned to Boston where he became very popular just after a short time. From 1879 to 1902, his works were exhibited at the Salon in Paris and at the Doll and Richards Gallery. He died in 1902 leaving behind a rich legacy including several pieces of framed John Appleton Brown art.
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