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Jennifer Broussard Art

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Jennifer Broussard was born and raised in Texas. She loved art from a young age. She got inspired by her sister's friend called Sally Gall who traveled to Europe to become a photographer. Sally sent her a small handmade book full of stories and photos of her travels. The book could neatly fit into Jennifer's small young hands because it was small enough. It is this book that fired Jennifer’s interest in photography. Jennifer used to collect colored leaves and bits of nature at the family farm, and to find items that washed up on the Gulf of Mexico by her family beach house. But much to her surprise, the foliage always turned brown. However, when she started using the camera, she realized she was able to give them a life that could last forever. She continues to glean creative inspiration from nature. Jennifer attended Sam Houston State University where she majored in photography. She later attended the Art Institute of Houston where she was taught by Dale O'Dell, her first mentor. In 1985, she graduated with a degree in photography and continued with her art work. She has also attended many seminars and classes that have helped her gather many insights from her peers. Framed Jennifer Broussard art are hanged on her own walls. She likes to keep her work around so that she can check their timelessness. If she gets bored with them, then she makes the appropriate changes so that they will last longer on the walls of her collectors.
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