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Mary Margaret Briggs Art

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2 Items
Framed Sepia Fern II
Sepia Fern II
by Mary Margaret Briggs
34" x 48" Frame
Price: $768.99 
Sale: $384.49
Framed Sunset Leaves 2
Sunset Leaves 2
by Mary Margaret Briggs
15" x 27" Frame
Price: $181.99 
Sale: $90.99
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2 Items
Born and raised in Seattle, Mary Margaret Briggs is known for monotypes with vivid photographic effects that she prints from her own garden’s foliage. Her textile design career reveals itself through the evolving color palettes she works in. She creates collaged panels composed of abstract or botanical monotypes as she works from a studio surrounded by gardens and fields. Initially she worked as an apparel creative director for the Asia Pacific region. She was working from her own Seattle-based studio and later on she worked as a designer for Nike in both Hong Kong and Portland, Oregon. She spent her twenties and thirties designing textiles for the fashion industry. Her career as a textile designer presents itself through the color palettes she works in and develops, and which evolve and change with the seasons. Her artwork is strongly influenced by the four years she spent living and traveling in Asia, and also by the verdant beauty of her Vashon Island home. Mary has developed her own unique style. She creates a portfolio of related prints, and then cuts them apart then recombines them into collages with graphic proportions. This results in panels which gleam with a waxy, soft glow. In 2001, being homesick for Seattle, Mary went back to Vashon Island where she settled with her family, thus realizing her life-long dream of working as a full-time artist. Mary counts herself blessed to work from a studio that’s surrounded by gardens, trees and grassy fields. Today, framed Mary Margaret Briggs art are highly priced by many collectors.
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