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Paul Brent Art

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Paul Brent was born in Oklahoma. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the College of Environmental Design. Raised in Southern California, he studied art and architecture at The University of California at Berkeley. His art has touched many subjects and he has explored both oil and watercolor painting to achieve in every thing that he has painted, the expression of art. When he first began painting and selling his work, he painted in watercolor, sometimes he used pen and ink to create line drawings of shells and shore birds. His most famous subject was the pelican of which he made many pelican prints and paintings. The scallop shell, the sand dollar and the nautilus shell were also favorite subjects for him. He also painted terns, herons, sandpipers and egrets. In the early 1980s, the artist began a watercolor style and that became his own unique expression. He also began to license his work to manufacturers who put his art and tropical fish on insulated glasses, shower curtains, tile and wallpaper borders. Brent painted in a watercolor wash background and allowed the paint to run and drip. He was selected to be a signature member of the Southeast Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. He won many prizes for his new coastal watercolors. Following such success, he decided to expand his subject matter to include beach scenes, sailboat paintings, harbor paintings and fishing boat as well as beach houses and beach cottages. Today, framed Paul Brent art is ranked among the best in the world.
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