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David Bowman Art

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David Bowman was born and raised in California. He moved to Arizona in 2000 where he has been living to date. He and his four children and wife, Natalie, live in the White Mountains of North Eastern Arizona. Bowman has a quant studio-cum-gallery in their small town where he entertains foot traffic and has a quiet place to draw. Since childhood, he has always found great satisfaction in creating. As he grew older, his favorite thing to draw became people. That became his focus throughout his college years where he was studying for a bachelor’s degree in Illustration. His specialty became drawing caricatures, which he still enjoys doing to date. However, Bowman wanted to do something more than just drawing caricatures. His love for Christ made him to try his hand at depicting the most important person in his life – Jesus. He wanted to portray Him in a way that was genuine and true to His character. For him, that would mean showing Jesus with different expressions depending on the situation He was in. that’s why he came up with the “Expression of Christ” series through which he has sought to capture the different feelings associated with Jesus Christ. Each piece of his works is drawn in pastels and has a simple, one word title that expresses the emotion of the piece. Bowman wants the viewer to be able to relate that emotion to his own relationship and experience with the Jesus. He prays that his artwork can help bring His encouragement and peace to his viewers’ lives. Framed David Bowman art are available in many galleries throughout the world.
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