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Barbara Bouman Jay Art

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Barbara Bouman Jay (Born 1947) was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and moved to Clearwater Beach, Florida in 1955. The development of her art has been an intuitive and ongoing journey of more than 35 years, improvisation and exploration, a record of experimentation where process is paramount. Having had the only one of its kind experience of spending hr early years freely roaming the open sands of a beach environment and the years spent in Sub-Saharan West Africa after college, and crossing the Sahara Desert, she continues to be inspired by the beauty of natural surroundings and the vastness of open spaces, resulting in abstract works. She grew up experiencing the mostly unruffled view of the Gulf of Mexico and the open spaces of the beach. Her academic interests were awakened by her early college studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, while her awareness of society at its worst and best were heightened by the political issues of the day. In 2004, she relocated to the rural mountains of Los Angeles, and the community here has further influenced her aesthetic in terms of balance and spontaneity and order, space and color, with a merging of concepts between expression and minimalism. Her most recent body of work consists mostly of wax, oil and plaster on panel. She uses a modified fresco technique, producing very attractive framed Barbara Bouman Jay art. Her paintings are planned as much by her thoughts as her nature, evolving through the application of gesture making, layered materials, scraping and dragging.
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