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Cole Borders Art

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Cole Borders recreates the original patent drawings from myriad of inventions. He was first inspired by an artful and interesting patent drawing of a duck call. Borders was intrigued by blueprints and schematics and loved the idea that most products usually start with hand drawing. That made him to start producing patent art prints that make distinctive pieces with educational flare. Borders is the founder of PatentPrints, which now offers posters for everyone, no matter their personal interest. PatentPrints have unique subject matter and stunning execution, with a clear ability to give their clients some inspiration and poster design ideas. Their patents cover guns, toys, household items, cars, sports, and more. PatentPrints has grown over the years and this has forced Borders to invite some of his family members to be part of it. It is now a family business where Borders’ family members help with customer service and production. PatentPrints now has an excellent line of products, and is always expanding what they offer. They provide the best pieces of art to dress up their clients’ walls. Their artwork comes in multiple print sizes and multiple paper choices that clients can choose from. The prints are of great inventions that have changed many people’s lives. They are educational, fun, and will look great on all walls. Borders’ passion for design and background in printing are the perfect combination to bring incredible drawings to life, images that add a bit of personalization and history to everyone who views them. Borders and his team have taken part in many art exhibitions where they have performed so well. Framed Cole Borders art is currently much sought after by many collectors.
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