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Vitali Bondarenko Art

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Vitali Bondarenko is a Ukrainian artist who was born in 1968 in Kiev. He graduated from the prestigious Kiev State Institution of Fine Arts in 1990. At the college, Bondarenko majored in the techniques of oil painting and also developed his talents for figurative and landscape work. He graduated with the highest diploma grade and this made her to be automatically accepted into the Artist’s Union, the highest elite group of artists in the soviet society. His studies did not stop there. He proceeded to the National Academy of Art and Architecture where he completed his studies under Professor Mykola Storozhenko in 1996. In the same year Bondarenko was invited by the Administration of the President of Ukraine to create a range of monumental art works for Ukrainian officials. This was because he was one of the most promising graduates in the Architectural-design Bureau. Bondarenko carried out a considerable amount of work at the Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus, the interior of the President of Ukraine’s residence in Zalesse, and a famed concert hall in the Ukrainian House. He participated in national, regional and international exhibitions, art shows, and auctions in St Petersberg, Kiev, Moscow, London, Paris, Carmel, New York and Baltimore. He has since relocated to the United States where he now lives and is able to take his art work to a new audience. Bondarenko’s work can be found in private collections in the Far East, the former USSR, the USA and Europe. His works are in considerable demand and are sold by galleries and several other art outlets, many of which sell framed Vitali Bondarenko art that are fully finished and ready for installation. Other finishing options are also available.
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