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Bogushefsky Art

From his earliest memories, Bogushefsky always knew he would be an artist. He has been referred to as Bogy, Aaron and an East Coast phenomenon by different people. He prefers watercolor and is inspired by practicality, Ocean City NJ, creation, the youth, the outdoors, etc. Bogushefsky is a graduate of Ocean City High School and The University of Delaware, where he specialized in the Arts, and his main focus was in photography and painting techniques. Bogushefsky never got good grades in his art classes while at the university because he was rebellious. However, this rebellion is what has made his art to be so popular today, and explains why framed Bogushefsky’s art is found in many art museums, galleries, institutions and even in homes. Bogushefsky likes to paint wildlife because of his fascination with the natural world and the diversity of life around him. His favorite animals are deer, ducks, lions and sharks. He also paints homes, landscapes, wildlife, fish, waves and anything that moves him, especially nature. His works are a mix of realism and cartoon. Bogushefsky likes painting and he is good with colors, and despite his several years of experience in painting, he still visits many art galleries and museums to learn new techniques from other artists. Bogushefsky paints in a variety of forms and mediums, including murals, t-shirts, surfboards, and paper. Bogushefsky prefers watercolor and is inspired by practicality, the youth, the outdoors, Ocean City NJ, creation, etc. He has participated in many art exhibitions, both in group and solo.
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