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Kathryn Boggs is an artist who uses a magnified and emotive perspective, which allows her to communicate with her viewers the moment that she’s creating. Kathryn displayed an interest in art from early childhood. She found himself in a cultural environment which helped to hone her artistic talent. Even at that tender age, she used to admire things that had some artistic flare, and she knew her career would be in the arts industry. Today, she’s a photographer and a painter who creates luminous images by painting with oil pigments on silver gelatin photographs. She’s exhibited in ModernBook Gallery, Polo Alto, Rayco Photo Gallery, San Francisco, Genesis Gallery, College of San Matco, and Faculty Gallery, College of San Matco. She’s still open to learning and most of the times she’ll be found with art books and also in consultations with her fellow artists. Her technique combines two art forms, oil painting and black and white photography. Through this technique, she’s able to combine a lifelong love of oil painting with this technically challenging medium of film photography. She studied at the College of San Matco, Stanford Continuing Studies, San Francisco Academy of Arts, and the University of Wisconsin where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in design. Framed Kathryn Boggs art have become a common feature in many homes around the world. Her keenness to detail has earned her admiration among her peers. Her art is very much influenced by nature and her sense of design and aesthetic value are evident in all her pieces of art.
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