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Li Bo Art

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Framed Dahlia & Balsamine
Dahlia & Balsamine
by Li Bo
48" x 38" Frame
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Li Bo (Born 1982) is a graduate of the Central Academy Fine Art in Beijing. He graduated in the Department of Murals in 2006. Li Bo sources the materials for his art from the internet. That’s why he says that the internet is very important to young people these days. Apart from the internet, his Chinese cultural background plays a big role in his art: most of his works include at least an allusion to Chinese current events or Chinese history. He appropriates all his images from the internet. He then reassembles them in a systematic way - resizes the images to make them have he same heights, and then lines them against a colorless background. This results in a simultaneous free disorientation and association. Li Bo paints with meticulous realism. His recent solo exhibitions include Beijing 2011 Love Trace, Singapore, Liada Gallery, Singapore, J Chen Gallery, Taipei, Olivia Oriental, London, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing. His recent group exhibitions include Amelie Art Gallery, Beijing, Quanzi Art Centre, China, Taipei 2010 Revolutionary, Hatcher, 798 Space, Beijing, Times Art Museum, Beijing, New Youth China Art Invitation Exhibit, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2010 Indeterminate possibilities, Song Zhuang Art Gallery, Beijing, Korea Art Intercommunion Exhibition, International Art Expo “ held in Shanghai. In Shanghai, all his works were collected and purchased by the collectors of Shanghai, Peking, Taiwan Hong Kong, etc. In 2004 he participated in “The Art Fair Zurich” in Switzerland. Due to his active participation in many art exhibitions and show, framed Li Bo art are found in almost all corners of the world.
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