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Framed Thomas Blinks Wall Art

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Thomas Blinks (Born in 1860) is best known for his racing and hunting scenes and also for his dog pictures. He was also known for his works depicting Setters and Pointers, as well as shooting subjects, His parents never liked his interest in art, and what followed was an apprenticeship with a tailor which was fruitless. He finally followed his heart against the wishes of his parents. He received no formal art training, and his understanding of horse action and anatomy were learnt from observations at Tattersalls. In 1881, he held his first exhibited at the Dudley Gallery. The exhibition was very successful and he received positive reviews from critics and viewers. The following year, he held another exhibition at the Royal Society of British Artists. This was followed by other regular exhibitions at the Royal Academy from 1883 to 1910. Blinks’ artwork is much admired for his ability to combine freedom of brushwork and accuracy of observation with a polished finish. He was particularly good at conveying the psychology and pose of sporting dogs at work. In 1885 he moved from the family home to 1 Hill Road in St. John’s Wood, an affluent area of London, which was home to some of the most successful artists, Alma-Tadema and Tissot lived here, and they influenced Blinks’ art. As a portrait painter, Blinks received a number of commissions from many prestigious clients including a commission from the Earl of Lonsdale. The artist died in 1912 at his home in St. John’s Wood, having seen his works purchased by some of the wealthiest collectors in the United States and Britain. Framed Thomas Blinks art still sell in large numbers to date.
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