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Carl Blechen Art

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Framed Palm House
Palm House
by Carl Blechen
32" x 38" Frame
Price: $409.99 
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Carl Blechen (Born 1798) was a German landscape painter. His father was a minor tax official from Regensburg so he could not afford to pay for further education for Blechen after he had attended the Lyceum at the Oberkirche St. Nikolai in Cottbus. So he was apprenticed to a banker who engaged until 1822, when he decided to join the Berlin Academy driven by his increasing interest in art. Though his employer wanted him to continue working, his love of art could not allow him. He had always had a deep love of art, be it interior design, fine art, anything that has artistic flare to it. Blechen’s distinctive style was characteristic of the Romantic ideals of natural beauty. He believed there’s so much beauty around if only people could stop and look. He was very keen to detail and could easily pick what many people could ignore. Blechen was among the first painters from Europe to represent early industrialization as part of his landscapes. Blechen worked hard until he was appointed professor of Landscape Painting at the Berlin Academy in 1831. And just four years later he became a full member of the Academy and took a study trip to Paris. He used his art to invoke feelings in his viewers; that’s why up to now, framed Carl Blechen art is very popular with leading collectors. Most of his works are in private collections. Blechen died in 1840. An elementary school and a street were named after him in Cottbus.
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