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Chuck Black Art

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Over the years, Chuck Black has loved exploring the rural areas of his country - he currently resides in Bozeman, MT. They have so many amazing communities with astonishing amounts of scenic countryside where the wildlife flourishes. From the West to the East coast and from the North Shores of Alaska to the Southeast, he’s found beauty throughout and many times where he least expected it. Black is a traditional artist and he loves everything nature and he’s a wildlife conservationist at heart. Sharing his art with his friends, family and clients has created memories that will last his lifetime. It's these memories that inspire him to create more. He says that that life itself is beautiful and he wants his art to reflect that inspiration and passion and to connect with those who share that similar passion. Black’s passion is everything about the outdoors and art is just a channel through which he can express that passion. The inspiration behind Wildlife and Art is to use his art to fund his efforts towards a better environment. Black believes that a great place to start is with the youth. He’s been collaborating with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to visit their local school districts, and thinks it’s great to have kids excited about and involved in the outdoors. Framed Chuck Black art is a great source of inspiration to wildlife lovers. Black received his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota where he specialized in wildlife biology.
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