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Carol Black Art

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Carol Black is an artist based in a coastal town in Southern California where she was born and raised. She came from an artistic family. Her grandfather was an artist and she frequently visited him. Both her passion for art and her love of nature began at a very early age and she remembers her elementary school teacher scolding her for filling her notebooks with drawings instead of attending to her lessons! Her mother encouraged and supported her. She could fill vast numbers of sketch books with pencil and ink drawings of trees, plants, horses and other animals. Her grandfather was a great inspiration to her and she still remembers the quiet room that served as his studio and contained his box of brushes and oil paints, his easel, the reverence with which she examined the pastels, and the various associated smells of oil and turpentine. These very tools were later to pass into Carol’s hands, and she has treasured them. In fact, Carol still uses one or two of his grandfather’s brushes to date! Carol studied art at the University of California at Berkeley. In 2003 she met and married Simon Addyman, a successful English artist. It was then she decided to practice art full-time. After producing a series of traditional still-lifes in acrylic for various private collectors and galleries in Southern California, she decided to turn her attention to the exciting world of publishing. Framed Carol Black art is today adorning the walls of many galleries, institutions, homes, hotels, etc all over the world. When not in the studio painting, she loves to spend time with her husband and their dog, Winnie.
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