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Carlo Biscaretti Art

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Framed Anisetta Evangelisti
Anisetta Evangelisti
by Carlo Biscaretti
22" x 28" Frame
Price: $216.89 
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Carlo Biscaretti (Born 1879 – Died 1959) was born in Italy. He was an illustrator who specialized in automobiles. He was the son of Senator Roberto who was among those who established Fiat in 1899. Biscaretti’s art was much influenced by his father and the environment in which he grew. In 1896, he assisted in the first Italian automobile race. He was known for his works as journalist, industrial designer, artist, and as automobile enthusiast. In 1896 he started the "Automobile club di Torino" and became its president from 1898 to 1948. Biscaretti worked with world renowned artists. His award winning images of automobiles are available as signed fine art prints, note cards and posters. In all his illustration works, heart was the operative term. He was so passionately involved with his art that every one of them was vividly expressing what he felt about the subject. His images went far beyond the usual of theme,  his choice was eclectic and its subjects were unique. Biscaretti got a degree in law in 1904, and after graduation he shortly worked in Geneva in a bicycle accessory shop known as "Filiale di Fabbre e Gagliardi". After working for awhile, he moved to Rome to run the offices of Carrozzeria Alessio. He also worked there for some time before he finally decided to go back to his home town and established a studio in Torino called "Studio Tecnico Carlo Biscaretti." His images look real. That’s why they are so popular and many clients like to collect the ready-to-mount framed Carlo Biscaretti art. Biscaretti died on7th September 1959 in Ripafratta, San Giuliano Terme near Pisa.
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