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Erin Berzel was born and raised in Portland. Working with her is a breath of fresh air. She seems to know exactly where to catch the perfect setting she has in mind and at what time of day. She also gives wardrobe suggestions to her clients and she's always on top of the weather and knows exactly where and when to meet her clients, depending on the desired outcome. Her quick turnaround and can-do attitude have made her an obvious choice when lining up photographers for magazines. For marketers looking for a very specific look for every photo, the photographer is such a blessing. Erin takes the time to listen to what they are seeking and always comes through with exactly what they had in mind – even better. She allows them to tag along on photo shoots, which is a rare gift in a photographer. She’s been shooting as a freelance photographer for more than a decade. Her services range from head shots and portraits, editorial and commercial photography, food & product photography to special events. She gets 100 percent involved in client’s projects whether they are professional or personal. She's been very accommodating when clients have outdoor shoots and can even reschedule due to weather. This is to make sure clients are happy. Her ability to capture the mood of an article and creative eye has helped her top produce images that are stunning. Framed Erin Berzel art are unique and are, therefore, easy to recognize. She’s the photographer of choice for many clients.
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