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Framed Bertuch Prints

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3 Items
Framed Horse Chestnut
Horse Chestnut
by Bertuch
20" x 24" Frame
Price: $183.99 
Framed Breadfruit
by Bertuch
21" x 24" Frame
Price: $208.99 
Framed Yellow Buckeye
Yellow Buckeye
by Bertuch
21" x 25" Frame
Price: $213.99 
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3 Items
Bertuch (1747 – 1822) was born in Weimar. His main interests were the natural sciences and literature but he studied theology between 1765 and 1769, and later on studied law at the State University in Jena. He never had a happy childhood because his mother died when he was 5 years old and his father died when he was 15 years old, and so he was, therefore, raised by his uncle. He regarded himself as a "literary obstetrician" and offered his support to Goethe, amongst other artists. Aside from his publishing company, with its printers and paper mill, he also built a factory that produced paper flowers. Bertuch finished his studies early when he was just 22 years old. After finishing his studies he worked at "Gut Dobische" as a tutor under Ludwig Bachoff Heinrich von Echt, the Baron who taught him Spanish. Bertuch worked for Christoph Martin Wieland’s newspaper as a commercial employee, and he attempted to launch himself as a freelance writer. However, he achieved more success as a publisher, translator, organizer and businessman. While in Weimar, he became one of the largest employers, employing close to 500 people, whom he paid very well - above average wages. Bertuch was very keen to detail and that’s what he was mainly known for and made him to gain much respect among his peers and clients. Framed Bertuch art are known for their attractiveness and durability. That’s why they are highly priced by many collectors. His works are very easy to recognize because he developed a unique style of producing them.
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