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Fine artist, Donna Basile feels comfortable working in a variety of mediums including: acrylic, charcoal, pen and ink, oils, and watercolor colored pencil. The artist understands as well as appreciates each medium for distinct purposes - pastels for their spontaneous nature which emphasize a combination of drawing and painting; charcoal and ink and pen for allowing her to capture the appearance of color through shading; oils for ease of manipulation and for abundantly rich color; and watercolors for having a mind and life all its own. She says colored pencil and pencil are the most painstaking because of the many layers of pigment that are to be applied before the drawing is finished. When she works with charcoal, pen and ink, or colored pencil a predetermined vision becomes necessary before she strikes out to render the subject matter. She says that paper is unforgiving and remorseless when it comes to hiding mistakes. Donna’s drawings are usually mistaken for oil paintings. Her art has appeared in numerous publications including: Rockport Publishers, Washington Post, Colored Pencil Society of America Signature Showcase, East Coast-South Shore Living Magazine, among others. Her pieces of art have received many international and national awards. Her artwork is in many private and corporate collections. They are produced in a variety of finishing option including framed Donna Basile art which usually come ready to hang having all the required accessories. She currently lives in a house just next to the ocean. When not creating, the artist enjoys exercise, cooking and long walks along the beach.
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