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Onan Balin Art

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Framed Purity
by Onan Balin
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $255.99 
Sale: $127.99
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Onan Balin (Born in 1970) was born in Kowloon, China. As a young boy in school, he was known to be a mischievous boy. When his parents heard this, hey were really shocked because at home, Balin spent hours in his room drawing. His talent was noticed by many though, and they encouraged and helped him. He would prove his involvedness and calm strength throughout his life. In spite of his teacher's watchful eye, the boy excelled at his schoolwork, passed his exams and went on to Shandong University where he pursued a career in Finance. In the course of his studies, he continued to draw in the calm moments of his life. However, it always remained in the background. After his graduation, his financial career took him to the United States in the 1990's, a country whose atmosphere he found to be more liberating compared to China. This provided him with the opportunity to immerse himself in his artistic passions and allowed his artwork to be his major focus in his life. Balin’s work is collected both in the United States and internationally, and is exhibited around the country. It appears as if his artistic career overshadowed his finance career because that’s where he found the satisfaction he was looking for in life. Framed Onan Balin art are today found all over the world. His latest collection appeared for the first time at ArtExpo New York where they were received warmly by viewers and critics. They now form part of many collections around the world.
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