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Mark Baker Art

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Mark Baker is an Irish artist who was born in Dublin. At the age of 25, he has received widespread acclaim across Ireland. Baker started painting as a child and has remained steadfast since. His parents have revealed that he used to sketch a variety of subjects in his books from a very tender age. At the age of 5, he won his first art prize in an art competition. Since then, Baker has focused on painting high quality portraits that present a unique touch. He earned an arts degree from the University College Dublin. While still a student at the institution, he got his work displayed in the Trinity Gallery. This was a big step for his career, winning him the artist of the month award for a number of months. After completing his college studies, Baker first displayed his art at The Green Gallery during the first months of his career. The demands for his art grew over time, compelling him to work hard to meet client requests. His works are easy to recognize because of their detail and style. Baker’s art always tells a story; mainly painting what he feels is his life passions such as music, sport, film, and legendary human figures. His artistic works have grown in fame over the years and have gained in pricing. In 2007, Baker’s painting of Johnny Cash was nominated for the Irish Awards. Mark Baker framed art can be found in galleries and a host of other outlets across the globe. This is besides numerous other finishing options availed for art lovers.
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