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Joseph Augustine Art

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Joseph Augustine (Born in 1947) was born in Newark, New Jersey where he also grew up. He received his degree from the Fairleigh Dickenson University. He was introduced to New York City by his Aunt Mickey, who took him to galleries, theaters and various ultramodern offerings. These visits inspired a love-at-first-sight in him that’s still reflected in his work. Inspired towards a creative career at such a young age, and later by his business partner, his art education began on a strong footing. However, his art education was interrupted by the war in Vietnam but he eventually completed, and this allowed him to pursue a highly successful career in the world of photography and painting. His style and technique encompasses a wide range of media, including photography and printmaking. But his favorite styles are Art Deco and Oriental. Augustine often creates theatrical and even innovate framing devices for his art by using images and patterns to frame the central image. This has made framed Joseph Augustine art to be attractive hence their demand is high. Particularly, Augustine is now inspired by the outdoors, by his love of photography and by writing. He’s well known for the photographic art he has created over the years, and the creations are now held by collectors all over the world. Typically Italian and typically New York, is the way of Augustine. He’s one of the founders of Phoenix Art Group. He's interested in a wide range of places - including the great outdoors with forests, oceans, cliffs and dramatic vistas.
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