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Kerstin Arnold (Born 1964) was born in Chemnitz. She’s a painter and photographer who creates highly unique compositions. In making her compositions, she lets her models to have a few accessories; usually, they act more like they are not in real environment but on a stage. As a result, the model’s attention is not distracted by any details and the focus of the composition is basically placed on the models. She paints people in a realistic depiction; she paints mostly young women that she represents in true-to-life dimensions. Kerstin endured political repression in her home country and this led to her to make an application to emigrate on political grounds. She tried this 2 time, in 1985 and in 1986 but it was denied. Later her request was granted in 1989 and she moved to Saarbrücken in the Federal Republic of Germany where she currently lives and works. For more than a decade, she has taken part in various individual and group exhibitions both inside and outside Germany, and has been working as a freelance artist. Societal issues aside, Kerstin’s artwork remain extraordinarily positive. She indeed refrains from depicting any burnt-out soldiers or junkies in her works and instead depicts well-figured young women who slip well into a role just like actresses fit on a theatre stage. The artist has worked very hard and today, framed Kerstin Arnold art be seen in many galleries and collections all over the world. They are highly priced by many discerning collectors because of their attractiveness and durability.
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