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Giuseppe Arcimboldo Art

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Framed Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II as Vertumnus
Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II as Vertumnus
by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
21" x 24" Frame
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Artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Born in 1527) was born in Milan, Italy. A Mannerist painter, his fantastic compositions of books, animals, vegetables, fruits, and other objects were arranged to look like human portraits. Many critics have not agreed on whether these paintings were the product of a deranged mind or were whimsical. Arcimboldo took after his father who was also an artist. In 1556 he worked on frescoes for the Monza’s Cathedral with Giuseppe Meda. He actually began his career as a cartoon designer for the Milan Cathedral’s stained-glass windows. He later moved to Prague, where he became a court painter to the Habsburg rulers Rudolph II and Maximilian II. He was one of the most favorite painters and he also developed an expertise for illusionistic trickery and painted settings for the court theatre there. Arcimboldo’s paintings contained jokes, puns and allegorical meanings that were lost upon audiences of a later date but were appreciated by his contemporaries. His peculiar visualization is exemplified in his portraits “Winter” and “Summer.” King Augustus of Saxony saw his work when he visited Vienna in 1570 and 1573, and commissioned a copy of his "The Four Seasons" incorporating his own monarchic symbols. His unique style made his art to be very popular. He was able to produce many pieces of art in his lifetime and today framed Giuseppe Arcimboldo art hang on the walls of many galleries and museums around the world. His works can be found in Kunsthistorisches Museum in Viennas as well as in many museums in Sweden.
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