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Suzanna Anna Art

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Suzanna Anna loves to try out different mediums for new inspiration. As a girl growing up in New York City, she was most amused by a fresh block of clay or a new paint by numbers set. Although her education took her in another direction she could often be found sketching away to pass time between classes. In the mid 90’s, just out of curiosity, she bought her first computer and soon she had taught herself computer graphics and web design. Before she could officially launch her first website, the artist started getting hired to do freelance graphic work. So, what started out as a pastime soon blossomed into a full time career. She’s often influenced by her environment. She looks at life as an adventure and an exciting path everyone needs to follow. She has an eclectic style and is a firm believer in following one’s heart. “You just gotta go with it and see where it takes you,” she says. Suzanna eventually left dealing with computers for more tangible forms of art like painting and sculpting. Looking at her today, especially the framed Suzanna Anna art, it’s difficult to believe that she’s a self-taught artist. Her works stand out among the works of other artists, and in most cases they are the center of attraction. SuZanna spent most of her life as a New Yorker and also lived in Las Vegas for five years. She has many published works and her art can be found on products in Beyond, Target and Bed Bath as well as Target.com, Art.com, Signals, and Allposter.com. Suzanna is keen to detail and will never let anything pass by.
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