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Pedro Alvarez Art

Pedro Alvarez was an artist who was based in Cuba. He became popular during the economic depression in Cuba in the 1990s. He produced images with distinct and original look because of his decorative enhancements and special treatments. Alvarez studied art at San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts (Havana University). He loved art and produced high quality pieces in a variety of finishing options including framed Pedro Alvarez art. His strong use of artistic elements contributed to his international fame; and having studied in one of the leading schools in Cuba his artistic star rose so fast. His style made him art to be very popular with many art enthusiasts. His painting style was highly influenced by the development of popular culture in Cuba during what was referred to as the Special Period. His art was influenced by many Cuban artists; he particularly named Velasquez Diego as having inspired him to become a painter, but the person who most heavily influenced his style was Mark Tanley. He aims to create images which are perfectly balanced and with warmth, depth and texture. His style focuses on dramatic and natural lighting to evoke emotion. Alvarez discovered American artist Mark Tanley’s distinctive painting style in an issue of Art America when he was still a student at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts; and he got hooked. He has attended numerous art shows and exhibitions where his art has received positive reviews from art critics. His images have also won many national and international awards. Most of his earlier works include historical personalities from various eras.
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