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Sue Allison Art

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Sue Allison has been a watercolor painter for about 40 years. During this time, she has attracted many esteemed clients, some of whom are always on the lookout for her new paintings. Of particular interest to her is the process she goes through to make a piece of art. She says this process is challenging yet inspiring and enjoyable. She wants her viewers to also feel the joy she feels in the process of producing artwork. Her art has been to many shows and can be found in many galleries and homes. She’s able to produce attractive pieces of art because she started working on art in her childhood. The area in which she grew up also made her to be exposed to many art materials from a tender age and this made her to get interested in making things by herself from an early age. She’s well known for her magical and mystical unmistakable techniques she uses in her watercolors of HERITAGE SITES and WETLANDS mainly in Grey Bruce Counties. Sue likes to take her time, and then offers a customer various options to achieve her unique vision of making the customer happy. It is this sensibility that has made her work to be popular and have become of great value to commercial clients – this is particularly so for the framed Sue Allison art. Sue is also keen to detail and is able to capture certain elements of her subjects that make them look quite realistic and easily recognizable. Her works of art are reproduced in designer plaques, limited editions, art cards, framed prints, t-shirts tote bags, and many more items.
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