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Mel Allen Art

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Framed Ullswater
by Mel Allen
31" x 23" Frame
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Price: $285.49 
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Mel Allen (Born in 1965) is a Photographer who was born in Oldham, England. He completed his studies in Photography at Fylde and Blackpool College, after which (in 1987) he moved to London to begin work as a photographer's assistant. While in London, he discovered his love for landscapes through working in stunning outdoor locations for photographers such as Pete Seaward. A love of working outdoors, while endeavoring to capture every detail of the landscape with his photography and art, is the force behind his stunning images. 'Ullswater' is now his iconic image that has made his art to be known in England and abroad. He captured it by the pier of the Ullswater Lake. The image captures the breathtaking essence of nature at its most calm and tranquil state. Ullswater Lake is the 2nd largest lake in the Lake District, Cumbria. 'Ullswater' was featured in 'The Art on Your Wall', the 2009 documentary which is a compilation of the UK’s most loved posters. The documentary is hosted by Sue Perkins. While continuing to build up his portfolio of location photographs, the artist has freelanced for numerous PR and design clients, as well as shooting for various company reports and advertising campaigns. Over the last more than 20 years, he has gained respect as a much renowned location photographer in his own right. His photographs have found their way into many prestigious buildings in the world; including galleries, museums, institutions and private homes. The framed Mel Allen art can be used to decorate any room because of their unique quality.
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