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Gregory Alexander Art

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Framed Boy and Nyange Cow
Boy and Nyange Cow
by Gregory Alexander
33" x 23" Frame
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Gregory Alexander was born and raised in Port Phillip Bay. He grew up in a beautiful environment that has had a strong influence in his art. The oils and watercolors that he has painted around and near Port Phillip Bay are closer to his heart as they remind him of being by the English coastline where he grew up with his family. Many of his paintings are inspired by his own childhood. Their choice of color as well as their delicacy of mark and detail reveals the experience of being in these places as they are drawn in through the eyes of the painter which are very observational. His paintings not only vary in subject matter but they also in size and media. He chooses the best medium for any particular job that is at hand to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. That’s what makes framed Gregory Alexander art to be very popular with many collectors. His art draws the viewer into a space where the objects are carefully arranged and are washed in color with the stroke of a brush, seducing the viewer with the materiality of the painted mark and of the medium. Alexander has had a long and a successful career, receiving continual commissions, and has been favored by many critics of today. His intense passion for texture and colors, and the nature of his subject matter has earned him many followers. Alexander has a fascination with exotic settings and has traveled a lot. His work is currently held in numerous private and public collections throughout the world, and he has exhibited in many Australian galleries.
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