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B. Aldine Art

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B. Aldine is a professional commercial artist by trade, but she also enjoys producing fine art as well. She loved art since her childhood and could spend most of her free time drawing and sketching. Many around her noticed her talent and encouraged her to pursue art as a career. Aldine later studied art at an east coast art school, from where she graduated in 1976. Today she’s a professional artist whose pieces of art are profound in tonalities, simple in outline, and well-balanced in composition. Aldine loves colors and she uses a lot of them to make her art look real. Those who have collected framed B. Aldine art have often done so because of their attractiveness and because of the quality of peace and stillness in her art. The collectors have always commented on these attributes. Any piece of her art displays a delicacy of touch, simplicity of application, a wonderful understanding of color and a stunning use of texture. Her work has a specific style and is very characteristic. Her style is pretty controlled, but mediums she uses really force her to allow things to happen naturally. Aldine loves to be surrounded by artwork that friends have produced so she can also learn from them. She usually has color palettes that work well together hanging around and is always on the lookout for new styles and techniques. Aldine has learnt that for the varying demands for different tastes to be met, she’s to paint in painting a variety of techniques and styles. She’s therefore developed several different techniques and styles.
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