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Geraldine Aikman Art

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Geraldine Aikman’s unique style is a result of several years of experimentation in which she combines different media. Her inspiration comes a lifetime of travel and her curiosity in other cultures and arts has taken her around the world. Geraldine is an illustrator and has had many years of experience in the giftware and greeting card design fields. Her work is represented in galleries nationwide and has been exhibited in group and solo shows. She always works on new ideas and a wide array of subject matter. Her emblematic work testifies to her response to the environment, more so to the rural scenery and to the shadows, colors, and shades of late afternoons and early mornings. She’s known for her illustrations of carefully selected subjects that have attracted the attention of many art lovers. Gerldine tends to complicates life in order to make it simple because she believes life tends to be complicated and it is therefore easier to make it more complicated than to make it simpler. Geraldine creates several decorative styles for Santas, villages, fun animals and contemporary, wine & chef-related artwork and a line of food. This is what determines his art and summarizes his overall style, posters and prints. Commissions, gallery representation and participation in art fairs, keep her enthusiastic about painting. In this way, he creates pictures in which the figurative and the abstract harmonize very well with one another. The ready to hang Geraldine Aikman art are highly priced by many collectors because they are in high demand.
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