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Francesco Agresti Art

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Francesco Agresti (born 1949) is an artist who spent his childhood in Itri, Italy before going to the Bronx, New York. He holds both BFA and MFA and is very passionate about art. His work begins with the body, the sensual and the tangible. That body becomes a landscape which in turn becomes a ritualized space where his emotions move. The body becomes the metaphor for transformative reality. Agresti has had several representations and showings in Germany, Russia, Italy, and in the USA, including: Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, and New York. The seductive quality of his paintings is reminiscent of dream spaces, it lures the viewer into the depths of its successive spaces and then it devours them. It’s a kind of spiritual déjà vu in its familiarity; more or less like the mouth of Krishna into which all beings are drawn. Agresti was represented by several galleries before moving back to Italy for some years. In Italy, he taught at University (Napoli), painted and to tended to his Olive Grove. And when he returned to America in the early 90s, he again taught at Colleges and Universities in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro area and became a Professor in the visual arts, before finding paradise in Venice, where he now resides, paints and creates. Agresti sees art as a learning process where one moves from the known and the familiar to the mysterious and unknown. He also considers art as a means through which he communicates his feelings and emotions to his viewers. His pieces of art are in great demand. That’s why framed Francesco Agresti art are highly priced by many collectors.
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