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Rosemary Abrahams Art

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4 Items
Framed Waterside I50% Off Art Prints
Waterside I
by Rosemary Abrahams
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $233.99 
Sale: $116.99
Framed Waterside II50% Off Art Prints
Waterside II
by Rosemary Abrahams
24" x 24" Frame
Price: $242.99 
Sale: $121.49
Framed Striped Autumn I50% Off Art Prints
Striped Autumn I
by Rosemary Abrahams
16" x 14" Frame
Price: $158.99 
Sale: $79.49
Framed Through the Tree Line II50% Off Art Prints
Through the Tree Line II
by Rosemary Abrahams
44" x 20" Frame
Price: $334.99 
Sale: $167.49
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4 Items
Rosemary Abrahams (Born 1945) was a student at Leeds College of Arts in the 1960s. Her career as a painter has ran parallel to her other activities for many years; that of leading a design studio with a worldwide client base with her husband, John French, among others. Together with her husband, they have worked in many countries, designing for a wide variety of fashion and home products including carpets in the USA, ceramics in Europe, jute products in Bangladesh, hand made rugs in Nepal, and many more. She returned to the North of England in the last decade and then more recently she moved to Bridlington. She continues to provide design services on a smaller scale, but now her creativity and commitment is devoted to her painting. Rosemary faced many hard times in her early years, but her creativity covered a wide range of exciting products and processes that made her to succeed. That explains why framed Rosemary Abrahams art are very popular today. She’s one of those rare individuals who have made a good living from her artistic practice. Along the way to building her own career she was and still is able to help many others. The range of her more recent paintings, which she shows in galleries in Britain, includes seascapes, landscapes, and florals which are full of vitality and rich in color, and then her amazing array of abstracts, which are among her most personal work. Rosemary’s love for her work rings through her paintings.
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