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Framed The Scream

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Framed Scream
by Edvard Munch
10" x 12" Frame
Price: $127.99 
Sale: $127.99
Framed Scream
by Edvard Munch
14" x 16" Frame
Price: $163.99 
Sale: $163.99
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2 Items

Framed The Scream Art

“The Scream” is one of the famous expressionist art masterpieces made by Edvard Munch. This image was made as an artwork series of four versions, and the series were named “The Scream of Nature”. The versions were made as paintings and pastels and they are the considered as an important representation of modern art. The four versions have a slight variance in color, but they all hold the same original vibrant energy of this amazing artwork. The most colorful version was sold at one auction for a record price at that time. For this painting, Munch said it represented the study of the soul and study of himself. Framed the Scream art print illustrates a figure in agony, with a swirling landscape behind it and an orange sky above it.
The popularity and value of Munch’s artwork was very high, and “The Scream” was stolen and recovered twice. Also, the painting was sold for a record price of 120 million dollars on an auction in 2012. The monetary and aesthetical value of framed Scream art print was the reason for this image being seen as “Mona Lisa” of modern times by some critics. Munch’s inspiration came from his walk when he saw the nature with red clouds in the sunset, and internally felt the scream of the nature. He later painted his vision and made the now known “The Scream” series. The Scream framed art was a later reference to many pop culture artworks and was used in horror movie “Scream” and in other various movies, cartoons, advertisements and illustrations.
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