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Framed Persistence of Memory

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Framed Persistence of Memory, c.1931
Persistence of Memory, c.1931
by Salvador Dali
30" x 24"
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Framed Persistence of Memory Art

The image of melted watches is one of the common themes by the famous surrealist painter from Spain, Salvador Dali. The representation of framed Persistence of Memory art print is showing one of the Dali’s most renown artwork images. This painting is often referenced in modern culture and used as an example of a great surreal fine masterpiece art. Dali also made a variation of the original painting and represented it as a framed Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory art print, which had the goal to systematize the previous artwork into smaller components. The ground on this image is derived into small blocks and represented as an unrealistic and unstable floating background. The folding of the watches stays as a theme that is always featured as an important factor in the passage of time.
The painting illustrates a few melting pocket watches, and they are the symbol of time-space relativity. The image also features a shade of a man, which is supposed to be the abstract version of the painter. The background is featuring a part of nature in the Spanish Catalonia region, as Dali was inspired by his life in that part of Spain. The amazing Persistence of Memory framed art image is a never-ending symbol of the passing time and the opposition between the “soft” and “hard” aspects of life. Picking any artwork among the two variations of this image is a great decoration choice for any personal space that needs a symbolic reminder that the time is slipping away and that it needs to be used for creativity, good ideas and productive work in life.
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