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Framed Romantic Victorian Art

The nineteenth century was a time for lots of change. It brought upon us a modern era yet still kept its historic roots and heritage. Its style and influence is for achieving a traditional look with both style and grace. It can be brought into many different areas and rooms of your home to help everyone who enters feel welcome and at peace, while showing off your elegant and sophisticated tastes. With great arches and long lines, the Victorian age can be a welcome change to the more practical and muted styles of today's decorating.

Victorian Decor

Living Room

In the living room, a place that was used for only formal visits in Victorian times, you would see a simpler design with classic whites and blacks. They tended to shy away from any bolder colors or daring patterns. Good choices for art in the living room of a classic Victorian themed room would be portraits that capture the era, such as "Portrait of a Young Girl in a Blue Hat 1881" by Pierre-Auguste Renior . He is one of history's most renowned artists from that time period and choosing any of his masterpieces are a great way to display a distinguished piece of art.

Keeping with the theme of portrait art in the living room, a great choice too, would be Franz Xavier Winterhalter and his "Empress Eugene". This canvas creation is impressive in its color choices, which blend well with the era and the classy style of the Victorian period. It is also detailed enough to grasp the viewer and draw them into the art. Your guests will find themselves drawn to it and the exquisiteness and class it radiates.

When designing your living room in a Victorian way, you want to keep that time period fresh on your mind. What did the people and style of that era reflect? What colors were popular and how were they incorporated into decorating a home? Rustic golden frames with creme colored mattes will help tie the art together with the room. You want a smooth and continuous flow of sophistication from your walls to your furniture.

Framed Victorian Art
Cottage Bouquet II Light
Play Time
Victorian Days
Victorian Bath III Neutral
St Andrews
Victorian Splendor
Victorian Days
Victorian Bathroom I
Victorian Memories
Victorian Christmas Village
Victorian Romance I
Floral Uplift Yellow Gray


The lush world of the Victorian bathroom, a place where a person that has been entertaining all day can unwind while soaking in a claw foot tub. You can let your troubles fade away as you sink into the warm bubbly water while taking in a beautiful scene of artwork and decor.

If your bathroom has enough space, you may want to go with a canvas series such as "Victorian Bath I" and "Victorian Bath II" by Danhui Nai. These are exquisite and detailed pieces of art that would fit well in today's modern Victorian themed bathrooms. You can accent these pieces in numerous ways. For instance, you can install white wood paneling from your baseboards to halfway up the wall to set a classic and detailed tone. Let your walls soak up a deep gray tone to really make the blues of the artwork pop out. Add in a few white and silver accent pieces and you will be transported back to a more elegant time.

If you don't have a claw foot tub and still want to strive for a Victorian style bathroom, you need not worry. Start yourself off with a warm beige colored wall. Add a painting or two of elegant women from the famous era framed in a rustic gold and black speckled frame with an off white matte. Lastly, you can get yourself an antique white vanity with a sitting chair to finish off the room. This will finish off your quest and all your guests will feel as if they are leaving the 21st century every time you step into your bathroom.

Victorian Art Decor


The bedroom is most certainly more private than the living room and requires a comfortable and soothing vibe. It is a place where the homes owners can retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Some may choose to go with a bold Victorian style in the bedroom. Take for example "Victorian Soaring" by David Galchutt. This is a bold Victorian era style art that is suitable for a bedroom setting where you are looking to have a statement piece. Pair this with a warm neutral colored matte and a rustic gold and black fleck frame. This will finish the artwork off and provide a touch of grace. You can accent this piece with warm yellow and blue colored accessories and area rugs to create a harmonious and complimenting flow to the room.

If you want a calmer, more relaxed feeling, "Forest of Bere, c. 1808" by J.M.W. Turner may be right for you. This is a warm and inviting canvas piece that will make your bedroom feel like it has character without overdoing it. Pair your artwork with a white or off white tufted fabric head and foot board and some antique white nightstands and you have yourself a Victorian paradise.

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