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Framed Traditional Asian Art

Asian art, also known as Eastern art, includes art from a wide variety of Asian cultures and places, including China, Korea, India, Japan and more. What makes Traditional Asian art unique is its bold use of lines and colors. Including rich earth tones and soft neutrals, Traditional Asian art can add a calming zen feel to your space.

Including subject matter deeply rooted in Asian traditions, such as geishas, samurai, calligraphy and Buddhist monks as well as art inspired by Asian styles, Traditional Asian art celebrates Asian cultures in a unique way. It combines artwork completed by modern artists in an Asian style as well as artwork finished by classical Asian artists, such as Katsushika Hokusai. Whether you're looking to add some feng shui to your space or are looking for artwork that celebrates your Korean heritage, Traditional Asian art will enhance your home.

Traditional Asian Style


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your place of relaxation and contemplation. If you're looking to add a little more zen to your place of sleep, traditional asian art is a great choice. Filled with warm reds and soft beiges, traditional asian art adds a sophisticated, traveled look and feel to your room while still maintaining it's formal appeal. Finish your framed asian art with a mahogany or black frame to match your furniture and complete your traditional look.

Framed Traditional Asian Art
Bridge 2020
Petite Japonaise
Japanese Symbols IV
Tea Room II
Bamboo's Peace
Everyday Chinoiserie VII
Gold Happiness
The Great Wave of Kanagawa
Beyond the Moon II
Summer's Essence II
Chinatown III

Modern Spaces

When most people select artwork for an open plan space with a more modern feel, they tend to stick to minimalist, abstract or modern artwork. However, the simplistic style of Traditional Asian Art combined with its warm tones makes it a great fit for these types of spaces. If your room includes mostly neutral colors, Traditional Asian art can pick up and compliment the colors in your room while adding some additional style and class.

Traditional Asian Art Decor

Style and Heritage

Traditional Asian art can add style and culture into your space. In a bathroom, this artwork creates a sense of zen and relaxation with an eclectic twist. Instead of a classic washroom print, try adding artwork rooted in an Eastern culture that can truly make a statement and brighten your space.

For your office, incorporate framed art by the renowned Katsushika Hokusai to show your love for Japanese culture and style. No matter how you choose to incorporate Traditional Asian artwork, it is sure to add class and culture to your space!

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