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4 Unique Art Displays

When incorporating framed art in a room's interior decor, we are always inclined to hang the art on the wall. A popular trend these days is not to have wall mounted art but to place it around the room in various ways. In this section we will explore different ideas and ways to decorate a room with art that is not nailed into the walls. There are many advantages to this - art can be rearranged more easily; pieces can be swapped out with the greatest of ease; your decor can change with the seasons and holidays without much effort.

1. Floating Shelf Art

Shelf Art

A floating shelf will give you the space for displaying framed art without having to add a nail for each individual piece. Use one or more shelves to create the look you desire. Shelves can be stacked, one on top of each other, or staggered across the width of a wall. Arrange a selection of propped up framed art along the shelves to create an eye catching display. If you have a shorter shelf above a longer shelf, add a tall piece of framed art at the end of the longer shelf to achieve balance. Place a long floating shelf above an extra-long piece of furniture such as a sofa, queen/king sized bed, buffet table or desk and then choose artwork to complement the decor style of the room. It's a good idea to keep either the colors or styles consistent but vary the heights and spacing. Layering the artwork will give the display a different but interesting dimension.

If your room is modern with a black and white theme, use black and white framed art and/or photographic art to create a stunning gallery that blends with the color scheme of the room. If you get bored with the look down the road, replace the artwork with a new color scheme such as black and gold for a more glamorous look. For a bathroom or powder room with glass shelving, add stylish sea life themed art that includes a variety of subjects such as seashells, fish and coral to create a coordinated look. The artwork will appear to be floating. When you need a fresh look, swap out the pieces for x-ray flower art.

Whatever your individual style, color scheme or whim at the time, you can be sure to find the perfect pieces from our large selection of artwork. Mix in some mirrors and knick-knacks, along with the framed art, to create a custom look that is eclectic and interesting. The possibilities are endless. By rotating and replacing the art you can change the look and feel of a room without having to redecorate

2. Mantel Art

Mantel Art

If you are not quite ready to install floating shelves, the mantel above a fireplace provides the ideal shelf to begin experimenting. There are a number of mantel decor options that you can consider. If you want to keep the look clean and simple, prop up one large piece of framed art or mirror against the wall. Alternatively, use several small pieces of artwork, in varying sizes and frame finishes, and arrange them in layers for a dramatic effect.

We all like to decorate the mantel during the holidays. Have you considered using framed art as an alternative to pumpkins, garlands, reindeer, menorahs or other holiday ornaments? Decorate the mantel exclusively with holiday art or mix and match traditional holiday ornaments with the framed art to create a unique and unusual look that will impress family and friends.

Change the art displayed on your mantel with the seasons. For spring, consider pastel colored art or floral themed art. In the summer, replace with scenic art of lakes, island vistas, gorgeous sunsets and Mediterranean architecture or choose beach themed art. For autumn, add art with leaves, beautiful fall landscapes and yellow, orange and red colors. In winter, add snowy landscapes, snowmen and white or cream colored art. Get inspired - browse our wide collection of seasonal art to find the perfect pieces to include in your display.

3. Easel Art

Easel Art

Another great idea is to use easels to display your favorite framed art. Easels come in many sizes, ranging from 3 inches to several feet, and a variety of finishes to suit any style of decor. They can be used in any room of the house no matter how big or small. Large floor easels can be placed in corners or in front of windows where you would otherwise not be able to display art. The artwork becomes part of the room's furniture. Add a mini-easel on top of a coffee table or console to display small framed or canvas prints. Easels provide a moveable art gallery that will add character to your decor. Change the artwork according to the mood you want to reflect.

4. Furniture Art

Art on Furniture

Another great spot to display art is on top of furniture such as a dresser, bookcase, custom built-ins or a freestanding open shelving unit, especially if you're renting and don't want to start drilling into the wall. Selecting prints that are approximately the same size and have a common frame creates a uniform and balanced display. For more visual interest, choose framed art with varying sizes and different colored frames.

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