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Pop of Color Art

Inspired by nature, architecture and people, pop of color artwork brings ordinary images to life. When you think of black and white or sepia photography, you probably think of monochromatic, flat images. The pop of color decorating trend adds life to those average photographs by taking one main focal point of the image and adding color to it. Some are intense colors, like red or purple, to project a bold change while others go with more subtle colors for a softer change. Decorating with pop of color prints can be more difficult than decorating with the usual colorful prints as they generally have one or two colors to work with. It's best to choose a pop of color art print that has colors already used in a room's decor to create a unifying look. For example, if you are decorating a room that has green accents, pairing it with a green pop of art print would add a nice touch. It allows the colors of the room to tie into the art, bringing a cohesive feel.

Pop of Color Style

Living Room

Pop of color prints are a great addition to living room spaces. Living rooms generally tend to be decorated in more neutral and muted colors. This makes them a great candidate for a pop of color decor. Before you look for a pop of color piece to finish your living room, first look around the room and see what colors you want to work with. You can choose a color that is strongly seen in the room to take a bold approach, or a color that is used sparingly for a more passive approach. When looking for the color you can also choose one that is not in the room to add an interesting and fun twist to the decor. For example, if your room is all neutral colors besides purple pillows or rug, choosing framed art with a pop of purple will complement the rug and pillows. If your room is all neutral with no colors to work with but has bold patterns, choose a pop of color print that has colors that work well with patterns like reds and greens or other bold colors.

Framed Pop of Color Art
Basket of Flowers II
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Color And Black And White
Teal Green Luna Barn
Tierra Desnuda - Pop Blue
Portrait Of A Border Collie Mix Dog
Poppies and Vicias in Meadow, Mecklenburg Lake District, Germany
Central Park with Yellow Tree
Splash Of Red In Paris II
London Phones
Flags of Our Farmers IV
Black Pearl


If you haven't added color to your kitchen, then you're really missing out. Colors in the kitchen can stimulate appetite, positivity, energy, and more! Just one pop of color in your kitchen can change the mood of the room and add a whole new perspective and feel! If you want to use a pop of color to evoke hunger, warm colors are most suitable for doing so. However, you don't just want to throw any ordinary artwork on your kitchen wall without first analyzing if it will change the mood or style, especially if you're going for a certain look. Close your eyes and imagine the piece hanging on the wall - does it feel different? Try to choose a piece that will keep the same tone. If you have a modern kitchen decor, find a modern architecture or photography piece that matches your room and highlights those warm hunger-bringing colors as well.

Pop of Color Art Decor


After a long day, the bedroom is the best place to gather all your thoughts and take a moment to just relax. There are certain colors you can include in your room's decor to give it more of a relaxing feel. Some of these colors are softer like lavender, pale blues and other light variations of colors. If your room is one bold color, adding lavender or a pop of light color maintains the relaxing feel of the room but also brings the space to life with the new color. Bedrooms are often not heavy on bold patterns so this gives you more room to have fun in finding a pattern heavy art print.

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