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Framed Mod Tropical

Whether you want to update your vacation home or are simply trying to add a tropical touch to your current decor, Mod Tropical art is sure to bring some style and class to your space! Mod Tropical art includes more traditional tropical subject matter, such as exotic palms, flamingos, salt water fish, tropical landscapes, x-ray seashells, sailboats and waves. However, the color scheme of this decor trend is much lighter, including cool blues, greens and whites. Similarly, the style is much more simplistic, clean and modern. By combining these soft cool colors with a much more contemporary style, Mod Tropical decor can brighten and transform your room into an exotic, modern space with an exotic getaway feel.

Mod Tropical Art Decor


When most people think of framed tropical art, they think of a traditional ocean landscape finished in a dark rustic wood frame. However, selecting modern tropical artwork in a gold or colored frame can add a unique glam factor to your room. Instead of opting for a traditional landscape, select an isolated image of a palm tree, exotic leaf or pineapple completed in a more abstract, funky style. By using more simplistic, mod artwork, you not only make the room look larger but you're also able to use the artwork as a statement piece. Complement your gold frame choice with matching metallic decor such as vases, lamps or various knick-knacks to pull the style and colors together.

Mod Tropical Art
Sea Life Serenade III
Luxe Traveler II
Palma Selvas on Blue II
Egret by the Shore I
Summer Tropics
Greenhouse Leaves
Full Sail II
Palm Organics 2
Paradise Toucan I
Blue Plants I
Horizon Shells I


While most tropical artwork includes shades of blues and greens, hanging tropical artwork on a rose pink colored wall or complementing it with light pink decor can add a touch of feminine elegance. If you're looking to decorate your modern shore house with a softer, airy vibe, using white frames or canvas are simplistic finishing options that brighten your space. Use modern vases, indoor plants and metallic decor to finish your feminine mod tropical room!

Mod Tropical Art Decor


While Mod Tropical artwork is best placed in a more modern setting, this collection is versatile enough that it can also be used to update your more traditional bathrooms or bedrooms! Instead of using a light colored or gold frame, select a dark brown rustic frame that matches your more traditional furniture. This will help tie the framed tropical mod art into your overall room. Similarly, select artwork that matches the color of your existing decor, such as your potted plants or comforter set. This will pull the entire room together giving it a cohesive, exotic look and feel.

No matter how you choose to use mod tropical artwork in your home or vacation house, it is sure to add an elegant and exotic feel to your current decor.

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