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Bold Art

Making a Bold Statement

Bold Living Rooms

If you look around your living room does it feel dull and boring to you? It doesn't have to; add a great piece of bold and bright abstract art above the couch or above the fireplace. Abstract art is a great choice for rooms that are decorated with deep colors like blue, green, and black with a dash of white to make it pop. Look around your room and find the colors you want to stand out and be noticed; find those colors in your art choices and turn dull, plain walls into beautiful eye-catching, bold statements. If you have a large wall; choose a large piece or a series of pieces by the same artist. Choose art that reflects your personality and style of decorating.

Suggested Framed Art
Retro Vibes Abstract
Flower Hill Sunset I
Wild Orange Sherbet I
Tropical Watercolor II
White Flower Jars
Oceanside Plumeria
Light & Shadow
Lepa Zena
Black Pearl
Flowers of Azure I
Highland in the Breeze

Bold Dining Rooms

Your dining room looks great with the new chrome chairs with large white cushions and the steel grey table top, but something still seems to be missing as you look around the room; art is what is missing. Adding a magnificent piece of abstract art to a bare wall in a dining room can make a really bold statement. If your room is decorated with minimal color you should try adding a piece that is bold, bright, and vivid. This will easily become the focal point of the room and your guests will be envious. Another great idea is changing out the center pieces on the table to have them either blend with the art or create a total contrast for more of a statement about your style and taste.

Bold Bedrooms

Looking to make a bold statement in the bedroom? Do it with a great piece of brightly colored abstract art. Interior decorators will tell you that the right piece of art placed above the bed or dresser can make all the difference in a bedroom. Look around your room at your current colors. Whether they are earth tones, bright yellows or fiery oranges, you can find the perfect piece that will accentuate the room. Before you start looking take some measurements and know what size piece you are looking for. Once you find the right size, you want to select something bold and beautiful for your bedroom and add a frame or canvas to your chosen artwork to make it pop!

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