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Lakehouse Life Art

When you visit your lake house, you want to feel like you are at a home away from home. Create a captivating getaway with the new 2017 decorating trend Lakehouse Life. Adding new art is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to update a personal lake house or rental property. The Lakehouse life art collection is full of nature inspired prints inspired by life at the lake. Prints include a wide variety of subject matter like serene landscapes, fun lake signs, and wildlife art. Lakehouse art prints include an all natural color palette from light neutrals to rich earth tones; this makes it easy to decorate with because you can easily match art to your existing decor. Light colors like blue, green and white exude a cool and comforting ambience, whereas the dark brown, olive green and mustard yellow colors express a warm and soothing vibe. Give your space a fresh new look and feel that's great for the summer time, with Lakehouse Life art!

Lake House Style

Living Rooms

Create an inviting atmosphere in your lake house living room where you will spend most of your time lounging and enjoying the view. Lakehouse life art is available in several different styles, from vintage ads and word art to contemporary lakeside landscapes so there is sure to be something for your personal style in this fun, summer-inspired collection. Get creative using fun signs, word art and animal prints to create a playful feel for the whole family! If you like a unified look, select similar themed prints and add matching white mats and natural wood framed finishes. This allows the frames to highlight the hues within the art prints and makes all the decor in your room look cohesive. If you're going for a unique and more whimsical feel, try mixing and matching a variety of prints with different subject matter. Then, complete your look with a selection of light to dark frame finishes. This results in a fun look that expresses your unique style.

Framed Lakehouse Life Art
Lake Sketches V Color
Lake Love III
Fishing Panel 3
Love, Love, Lake
Lake Time
Lakeside Retreat VII
Lake Rules
Together At Dusk
Red Canoe
Lake Living Printer Blocks II
Cabin By The Lake
Mountain Lake Retreat


Bedrooms are a great place to hang up a series of framed Lakehouse art prints. Decorating with breathtaking landscape prints will create a relaxing ambience throughout the room that you never want to escape. Decorating with images of water, trees and other earthy elements will give your walls a refreshing look and the feel of a relaxing day at the lake. Cool colors like blue and green are very popular this year and go well with many existing bedroom decor styles with white and neutral tones. Lake house rooms represent an open, light and airy feel encouraging a restful experience that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

Lake House Art Decor

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