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Hollywood Regency Decor

Tinsel town at its finest, a decor that is straight out of the silver screen, this is how Hollywood regency can be described. An eclectic collection of many different genre and styles, it espouses the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood lifestyle, while providing an exquisite backdrop. It is a showroom quality in everyday living that brings this style and design into the forefront of many designers minds, as it brings a genuine and authentic Hollywood feel to any space, either the living room, bedroom or bath, you can design your whole house around this wonderful style.

Living Room

Bold shapes and sensual styles are all you need to begin your decorating journey into the Hollywood regency style, starting with a good piece of art work and a complimentary frame will be the finishing touch on your style and design. One such luxurious piece, which accentuates the lavish, is the chandelier, and with James Wiens' "Luxurious Lights II" you have glimpse into the lavish and luxurious lifestyle of the famous people of Hollywood's days gone by.

Or with Ethan Harper's "Small Patterned Chandelier I" you can almost feel the velvet texture of the wall and the warmth of the light bathing you in soft light as you dine on your exquisite dinner. These two works of fine art should be encased in a frame that will both enhance and capture the beautiful work that is inside. You cannot go wrong with either a shiny black wood finish, if the other things in the room will compliment it, or with a matte finish, so that the paintings are not too bold, but blend into the wall with unobtrusive beauty. As a final touch to your Hollywood regency design, you are sure to delight with any of these choices.

Framed Hollywood Regency Art
World Map II
Zebra Codex
Luxurious Lights II
Analog Jungle Typewriter
Art Deco Flapper
Black and Gold Flora 3
La Toilette
Call Waiting I
Classic Hollywood
Georgette II


In the bed room, bold colors and rich designs are the style, deep colors on the walls and big patterns. The Hollywood regency look give you the feel of complete opulence and pampering, from laying around in your oversized house coat, lounging away on your plush bed with more pillows than you need, just dreaming the day away.

Your art work needs to be an equal statement in that opulent lifestyle, there are many choices that you can make, but one that is sure to remain a classic style is art that shows your fashion sense, such as "Cosmopolitan 2" by Karen Dupre, in this classic print you can see the high fashion come to life, with the cool and ever present cheetah, the classiest of all the big cats.

Another favorite is from Vintage Apple Collection and their "Elvire Popesco" with the rich shade of pink and black contrasts, you are sure to have a winner on your hands as you decorate your bedroom in style and elegance. With the over the top backdrop of the Hollywood regency bedroom designs you have many choices in your design style. You can choose from black and white to any color you can possibly dream of without compromising your taste.

Framed Hollywood Regency Artwork

Dining Room

A dining experience would not be complete without a truly Hollywood regency dining design, the feel of almost dining in a museum, with the inlaid walls and the ornate designs of the dining hall you will feel as though you were the king and queen. The deep rich colors that adorn this meeting place is sure to inspire you to put those final touches on there with some high quality art, the type of art that will fit with the theme of bold and brash. You may want to add a series of pattern art that is both abstract and expressive in its design and quality. In "Regal Adornment I" by Chariklia Zarris you can add that touch of royalty to your dining experience and without missing a beat, you will have everyone admiring your choice and your sense for high class and exquisite taste.

Another bold choice would be "Gold Acanthus II" from Jillian Jeffrey. This is a rich and deep canvas piece that will bring depth to your dining room and warmth. It is a classic piece that will stand the test of time.

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