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Tall Art for Small Spaces

Heighten Low Ceilings

Bedroom Ceilings

If you wake up in the morning and look around the room and wish you had higher ceilings; you can make it look as if you do. Choosing a set of vertical art pieces can definitely add the appearance of higher ceilings in a small bedroom with low ceilings. If you prefer you can choose a single large piece that hangs vertically and get the same effect. Try to stay away from pieces that are too busy as that can take away from the effect you are going for. Measure the wall and decide on the size piece you need. Don't go too large or too small because the piece no matter how gorgeous will just look out of place.

Suggested Framed Art
Number 14: Gray
Wild Orange Sherbet II
Trees at Dawn II Neutral
Gelb, Rot, Blau, c.1925
Reflecton I
Dryad And The Tree Spirit
Horizon Line with Trees II
Aqua Vine
Reflected Trees I
Flatiron Building

Bathroom Ceilings

If you have low ceilings in your bathroom you can trick the eye and make the ceiling appear higher with the right pieces of artwork. This works really well in homes that have sloped walls and you want the outer edges to appear higher. Choose art that uses light or neutral colors to give the room a lofty and spacious feel. Choosing two vertical pieces in colors that match the decor of the bathroom can work wonders when it comes to adding height to a room. The trick is to hang them at the same level even at the lower side of the room; this gives the facade that the ceiling is the same height all the way across the room.

Living Room Ceilings

Walking into a dark living room or a living room that has low ceilings can feel very unwelcoming. If a living room is both dark and has low ceilings it can feel like you just stepped into a cave; neither feeling is very good. Make it come alive with some artwork; landscapes, abstracts, and series art can make a world of difference. Try finding pieces that have bright, warm colors and give off a feeling of warmth and happiness. You might even try putting this art on an accent wall that you have painted a lighter color than the rest of the room. With the right art you can improve the feel and look of a dark room and make it seem that the ceiling isn't hanging just above your head.

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