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Heartland Home Decor

The American Midwest is often referred to as the heartland of America. This is a unique area of our country, being completely landlocked and known for farming has its own set of values and traditions that are firmly rooted in a strong sense of faith, family and love for our great country. Our Heartland Home style starts with those same traditional values and home accents, but with a contemporary flair that has made this country style a popular choice across the nation.

Heartland Home Decor


Heartland Home artwork is often very rustic in its look and feel and the colors come from nature in bold shades of red, greens, and browns. These color combinations and the country-oriented subject matter make it a great choice for decorating on a stand-alone shelf or mantle with other various decor items. One easy to implement idea is adding a pop of color to your kitchen by choosing artwork in a bright red frame and then using wooden utensils, decorative salt and pepper shakers or vintage kitchen tools to accompany your artwork on a shelf or windowsill.

Framed Heartland Home Decor
Fourth Of July
Moo-ving In I
Country Life IV
Blue Ford at Barn
The Simpler Thyme
Windmill Silent
America Glass Jars
Bluebird Barn
Bath time for Cows Sink
Clementine the Pig
Floral Cow II
Patriotic Bicycle


Over a mantle, in an entryway or even over the bed are great ways to display larger pieces of art that highlight your love of a simple life or patriotic pride. Artwork that combines a sense of country living and inspirational sayings are a popular choice for decorating in these areas. Images of quilts, sprawling farmlands and other country scenes, along with a saying like "Faith, Family and Friends" or "Simple Blessings" can be the reminder that you need in your everyday life to slow down, enjoy what matters most and make the most of the time spent with family and friends.

Framed Heartland Home Decor

Heartland Home

Artwork that features flags, the red white and blue and other patriotic reminders can add color and inspiration to the main living areas of your home as well. Mixing artwork with a more traditional and Americana theme with other decor items that are similar in color but more contemporary in style allows you to incorporate favorite decor items from various styles into one cohesive look that's comfortable and inviting throughout your home.

The Heartland Home decorating style is simple in design and allows for personalization with accent pieces in many different styles. After choosing your artwork, you can further decorate with items influenced by country, Americana, Folk or many other styles. Combining these different techniques is going to make for a fun, family oriented atmosphere that you and yours will love to spend time in together.

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