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Harlem Jazz Art

Beginning in the 1920's, the Harlem Renaissance was a movement where creative and influential African American expressed their black culture and heritage as a part of the main stream American life through music, artwork and other creative means. This movement created arts of all styles from Jazz music to contemporary artwork. It also offered a modern and unique style that many Americans had never seen or experienced before. Today, we have the Harlem Jazz artwork style that brings the colors and animated personalities of that time period to your home in an exciting and modern interpretation of this celebrated era. The style is characterized by bold shades of red, browns and golds but blues and purples also play a big part in this deep, rich color palette. This wide array of colors makes it a versatile style for using throughout the home to create a cohesive Harlem Jazz inspired feel.

Harlem Jazz Style

Living Room

The bold, rich colors and timeless, luxurious details of Harlem Jazz will create a space that is comfortable and unique for entertaining with some smooth jazz streaming through your speakers. When choosing furniture for this signature style, consider mixing piece from the 1920's with some more contemporary items. You can even find some of these vintage pieces at flea markets or yard sales and re-upholster them with fabrics of your own color and style preferences. Once you've adorned your room with period appropriate furniture and drapes, modern art that represents the people and music of Harlem is the perfect contemporary finish for your walls. From Miles Davis to Louis Armstrong, this collection of art represents all your jazz favorites.

Framed Harlem Jazz Art
Blue Moon
Take the 'A' Train
Enchanting Keys
Jazzman D
New Orleans Jazz
Harlem Heat
Blowin' Magic
Jazz Improv IV
Musical Sax
Jazz Samba
She Is Music
Sax Solo

Focal Point

Whether it be in the hallway, dining room or anywhere else in the home, the bright colors of the Harlem Jazz style will create a focal point for all to enjoy. Images of musicians playing saxophones and pianoes will inspire creative thinking and pair beautifully with music playing in the background. Festive images of dancers in flowing dresses will create a fun, yet spohisticated theme for you to build on in your decor. In a dining room, try colored walls with upholstered chairs and light curtains or drapes to create a modern and dramatic effect with your Harlem Jazz artwork. In the hallway, a modern table or dresser of dark wood makes is a great place to lean and display a piece of art without hanging. A wide brown or black frame against a white or light colored wall creates a dramatic effect. Consider using an abstract piece to reflect your current style and great taste in both music and art.

Harlem Jazz Art Decor

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