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Framed Grandmillennial Art

Grandmillennial decor, sometimes known as granny chic, is rich in personality and color. And is created with a thoughtful mix of eclectic antique and vintage pieces that pay homage to the past and are reminders of a simpler and more carefree time. The granny chic style though is by no means dated. But, rather is a modern expression inspired by elements of the past. The end result is a decor that is uniquely personal. And a fascinating blend of function and comfort making it nostalgic and yet fresh.

Granny Chic Decor

Grandmillenial Style

There are plenty of ways to add elements of grandmillennial style to your decor. And one of the best things about this style is that mixing the old with the new is part of what gives the granny chic style its charm!Nothing captures the look and vibe of a design trend as well as framed art. And it's easy to add the grandmillennial decorating touch with framed art that embodies any timeless or nostalgic style. Granny chic wall art is an ideal way to introduce the grandmillennial style to your home. And since the style encourages an expression of your personal preferences, you can have fun exploring a range of classic themes for your rooms!

Framed Grandmillennial Art
Spring Vase
Loose Flowers on Blue II
Anemones in Hatbox Shiplap
Indigo Flowers Two
Watercolor Poppies IV
Tea Eloquence
Colorful Breeze VI
Blue Teacup Bouquet C
From the East II
Antique Garden II
French Farmhouse IV
Afternoon Tea Floral

Living Room

Granny chic decor pays homage to the simplicity in life and the simple beauty of nature. Framed botany illustrations or sketches with neutral-toned backgrounds or drawings of charming pastoral scenes and farm life are the perfect complements to a pastel-colored wall.

An important element of grandmillennial style is its focus on the timeless tradition with pieces that may hold personal meaning. Love peonies, birds, or sea life? Try some beautiful prints by Patricia Pinto with elegant gold frames. Hang them on walls covered with elegant fleur de lis or toile printed wallpaper. Add some comfy wicker furniture and a selection of white porcelain candle holders. And you've created the ultimate granny chic lounge!

The Grandmillennial Bedroom

Another aspect of granny chic style embraces a less hectic pace of life blended with modern and contemporary life. Give your room the perfect touch of modernity and tranquility. Try hanging some dramatic black and white architectural prints. Prints like these by Emily Navas or some sweeping cityscapes by Christopher Bliss. Offset this with the serenity of pale blue walls and bedding. Capture the spirit of grandmillennial style with a look that is traditional, comfortable, and yet still fashionable. Add a classic vibe to the room with an antique parlor settee, an old cedar chest, or other vintage pieces.

Bedroom Decor Ideas Video

The Grandmillennial Office

Give your home office a grandmillennial makeover by displaying artwork from a certain period, such as Art Nouveau or Impressionism. Grandmillennial style fuses the old with the new. There are lots of possibilities that you can feel free to think outside the box and even hang unusual abstract artwork. Or find inspiration from the Romantic Art of the Victorian Era! Don't forget to add your own personal touch by displaying vintage decorative items. Such as glassware, porcelain figurines, or other kitschy collectibles on a bookshelf or mantle.

Grandmillennial Decor

Mix the Old with the New

You can explore the Grandmillennial style in many ways but stay true to the focus on simplicity that the granny chic style honors. It is important to keep themes consistent in each room rather than having a wild mix and random assortment of subjects and colors competing with each other.

So, have fun and take a moment to reflect on a simpler time and place by embracing the grandmillennial style in your home. It's a design trend that is warm and inviting. It doesn't have to break the bank, is rooted in classic styles, and allows you to express your own personality and taste. Once you get started, you'll soon discover that there are so many ways that you can add your own granny chic touch to your home!

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