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Fixer Upper Farmhouse Art

Fixer-Upper Farmhouse is a decorating trend that has some country styles with a touch of comfy cottage. This art decorating trend is heavy in country related subject matter like landscapes, flowers, words, gardening, and food. It also uses a lot of traditional country objects like vintage cooking appliances and vintage kitchen signs. Fixer-upper farmhouse is great for your country or cottage themed home to perfectly complement your decor. If you already have that country cottage theme, then you know that light colors like blues, beiges and pinks make up most of the fixer-upper farmhouse color palette. The Fixer-upper farmhouse decorating trend is so diverse since it includes country, cottage and farmhouse styles. This gives you a lot to work with when decorating a room. Add a country with a touch of cottage decor to your room with fixer-upper farmhouse artwork.

Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style


Decorating with fixer-upper farmhouse garden art is a perfect way to bring the outdoors into your home without losing that farmhouse feel. The garden side of fixer-upper farmhouse includes landscapes, flowers and plants and gardening tools. All of these together represent what fixer-upper farmhouse is all about. When looking to decorate with fixer-upper farmhouse landscapes, you will find tree filled fields, farmhouses and cottages on open land and tall trees and grass. These landscapes bring in the fixer-upper farmhouse look and expand the room to make it feel more open. With fixer-upper farmhouse flowers and gardening tools, it shows more of the hobby side of fixer-upper farm house. This style of fixer-upper farmhouse trend is perfect for those who love spending time relaxing or working in gardens. Some of these garden prints include floral related words which boldly showcase the garden feel you are trying to achieve.

Framed Fixer Upper Farmhouse Art
Farmhouse Cotton Tin Pitcher
Rural Red Barn B
York Road Barn
Floral Composition with Mason Jars I
Do All Things with Great Love
Henderson Bay Farm
Farm Life VII-Hog Heaven
Buffalo Check Farm House Chickens Neutral I
Fuchsia Jardin Stripes
Poppies in Mason Jars
Home Cotton Wreath


One of the most common country and farmhouse subjects is something that everyone needs and loves, food. Most of fixer-upper farmhouse food artwork focuses on nature provided foods that you would see daily in the country. These include vegetables like squash and carrots, fruits like apples and pears and drinks like milk and juiced fruits. These food related fixer-upper farmhouse art prints go well in kitchens due to their relating subject matter but also fit well in other rooms like offices and living rooms. They really pair well in any room that has plants or food related decor. Since food has such average yet bold colors like reds, oranges and greens, it makes it easy to match a dark frame with it and put it in a bold colored room. If you want to show your style and go with a different approach, you can add a white or neutral colored mat and hang them in a light-colored room.

Fixer Upper Farmhouse Art Decor

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