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Framed Feminine Elegance Art

Decorating in feminine elegance is always a good way to radiate class, beauty, and grace throughout your home. Whether you are looking to add just a few feminine touches to your existing decor or looking to give a fully feminine feel to your entire room, there are endless ideas as to how you can bring feminine elegance into your home. When decorating in this style, you can use soft, often pastel colors, but still include bold accent colors. Always try and find your statement pieces first. This way you can center everything else around the colors and the tone of those pieces.

Feminine Elegance Decor

Living Room

Bringing feminine elegance into your living room is a novel idea. It is a way to help all your guests, as well as yourself, find an inner peace when sitting down after the day is done. Using florals and soft colors in this room is way to help you calm down and remember to breathe while taking in life's simple pleasures. Bathe your walls in a soft earth tone paint color and hang tall white sheer curtains. When picking out your artwork you want to pay attention to the color of your furniture and any area rugs or throw pillows already in the room. Carol Robinsons "Pastel Garden" collection is comprised of the perfect pieces to bring a Zen like feeling into the room. She uses a soft baby blue mixed with an off white and neutral brown. Pair them with an espresso colored frame and your look is complete.

Framed Feminine Elegance Art
Afternoon Delight
Jaipur II
Floral Elegance Bleached
Sprinkled Flowers Crop
Peaceful Repose Gray & Yellow IV
Botanical I
Romantic Spring Flowers II White
Boho Bouquet V Blue
Sunrise Blossom I
Nude II Blue

Dining Room

A dining room is a place where loved ones can gather around the table and to enjoy food and company. A good meal and endless laughter is all one really needs in life, right? Bringing feminine elegance into your dining room will bring such an exquisite and irresistible charm to your home.

Tufted and upholstered dining room table chairs are almost a must when looking to decorate in feminine elegance. A classy chandelier above the table and the walls splashed with color and perhaps a simple pattern will make the room brighter and better. Erin Clark's "Fleur" paired with "White Elegance" are the perfect edition to any feminine elegant dining room. It adds a splash of pink color and just the right shades of yellow to help bring the room to life. Framed in a classic gold toned frame and your dining room is now the perfect place to have endless chatter and a delicious meal.

Feminine Elegance Art Decor


When decorating your bedroom, you want to keep in mind what your bedroom means to you. It is typically a place to relax and find tranquility at the end of your day. You want the bedroom to feel peaceful and serene. A private retreat, if you will. There are many different ways to make a bedroom feel feminine and elegant while creating the feeling of a calm sanctuary.

The most common styles for a feminine space are vintage, shabby chic and classic. Bright splashes of color, floral patterns or artwork, gold touches and finishes are a few popular ways to achieve this look. The possibilities are endless for turning your bedroom into your own personal safe haven. If you want to go with darker hues, you could use blue floral artwork in a bold black frame and stage it over your headboard. Paint the wall in a soft, neutral tan and add a deep navy throw over your comforter. If you are looking for specific examples of pieces, Cynthia Coulter does beautiful work with her "Watercolor Poppies I and II".

Another feminine elegant style you can do in your bedroom is decorating in gold and pink tones. A bold chandelier hung from the ceiling with golden accents around the room and in the bedding. For this you would want to choose classic artwork that perhaps displays beautiful women. Ethan Harper's "Antique Ballerina Study II" would be a gorgeous piece to display with a classic gold toned frame and an off white matte. This would complete your graceful, gold bathed bedroom perfectly.

Feminine Elegance Decor Ideas Video
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